Every now and then we will get feedback from a family and sometimes they will tell us a story about one of the little things that makes this so worthwhile. These are the things that we thrive on and what makes our practice worth doing so, with the family’s permission and with their names omitted for privacy, we wanted to share some of these comments and stories with you.


Speech Stories.

Our schedules are crazy sometimes and we needed someone who could be there when we needed them for [our son]. [Spark Therapies] has been so flexible and caring and we are so blessed to have found this place.Busy Mom of One



[Our son] was getting his hair cut today. Same place and same stylist cutting his hair since he was born. For the first time today he hopped out of the chair and said, “Thank you, [stylist’s name]”. It made us both tear up. At dinner every night we go around the table and all share what we are grateful for. [My husband] said tonight that he was grateful for Thomas and all Spark Therapies is doing for [our son]. We all agreed. Thank you for all you have done for [our son]. We so appreciate it! It is working!!!Team Family


I love the opportunity to help kids succeed. It is rewarding to be able to provide a service that would be otherwise difficult for families to receive in an environment that allows me to do what I do best. Thomas O'Hara, BS SLA at Spark Therapies

Occupational and Sensory Stories.

Boy sitting on a swing during occupational therapy

Occupational therapy combines many aspects and disciplines for treatment

Our son has had a wonderful experience at Spark. He’s actually asking for longer sessions which is so rare! Thanks for creating activities that he looks forward to all week! Speech and Occupational Family

Tell us your story.

Everything we do revolves around your child and your family’s success both in their services and at home. If you have a comment, success story, or other feedback to share, please let one of our therapists know, send us an email (info@sparktherapies.com) or fill out the comment form below. We love sharing therapy success stories.

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