4 Pillars: Accessibility

What does Accessibility mean to you?

Accessibility is one of our 4 pillars at Spark Therapies which sounds nice and all but what exactly does “accessibility” mean at Spark?


To us, accessibility means having flexible appointment times available and being able to get in to see a therapist or other provider within just a couple of days. We are not a fan of wait lists, especially when it comes to kids and therapy.

Some pediatric practices in our area have a wait list that is over a year long. The longer a child goes without services, the harder it will be to make progress and get them where they should be. They also run the risk of regressing and losing their current abilities. This is especially true for children 2-4 years old for many core skills they will need to have for their entire lives.


Accessibility also refers to how accessible a service is, financially. We looked out into the community, saw the lack of options out there for families and how expensive they were and simply said, “forget that.” The average cost of speech therapy in the United States is $100-200 per session. Most insurances only cover ~$45-$80 of speech each session.

We decided to set our private pay cost of speech at $60-80 per session. Those who are covered by their insurance pay a $15-$30 co-pay and that is it. You have a family to take care of and we want your child to get the services they need.

For those without insurance or who opt to privately pay due to insurance denial, we also offer a sliding fee scale for all of our services. This is available in our office or it can be emailed to you to review and apply for. We want every child who needs services to be seen, regardless of their family’s ability to pay.

Physical Accessibility.

Our center was designed with all kinds of kids and families in mind. The front door has a handicap ramp, all door openings and halls are within the ADA guidelines to comfortably accomodate a wheelchair, and our bathroom has grab bars and room to maneuver in the space. Our front desk area is tiered to provide both privacy and also to allow those in wheelchairs to have ample desk space to write and interact with Spark staff.

Cultural Accessibility.

The majority of our team is conversationally competent in American Sign Language, though not all of us are quick with it so please give us patience!

TJ O’Hara of the Speech Team is conversationally proficient in ASL, French, and Russian and is currently expanding his language knowledge to include Gaelic, Spanish, and Japanese.

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