Stay at Home w/ Spark: Activities to address goals during the Pandemic

While we are all staying at home to flatten the curve and keep our own families and others safe, I have quickly found that I am running out of things to do. Baby Emma is 13 months old now (yay for 1 year quarantine birthday) and she is quickly exploring on her own. While we cannot go out and explore, I wanted to find ways to bring things to her so we can explore them together.

Here is a collection of links, ideas, and resources that we have personally used and that many of our therapists are currently using during our continued telehealth services.

Online Whiteboard

Letter Formation/Handwriting/Language

Speech Therapy Goal Ideas

  • Language techniques with a middle school-aged child: Watch wordless videos and discuss target language forms.
  • Social skills with a high school-aged teen: Watch and analyze videos of social situations together.
  • Show & Tell: Favorite toy/object/food/place in home, etc. Talk about why it is their favorite.
  • Social Imagination: Look up and share stock images of people and take turns making up scenarios/what they are doing/why they are doing it
  • Sing Songs & discuss them (what is your favorite, why, what do you imagine, what do you think it means, etc.). 
  • Quia online games for speech-language (& other topics)
  • App Game – My PlayHome (interactive dollhouse – great free version)
  • App & Desktop Game – Plotagon (make “movies” and scenarios – has a great free version)
  • Online Game – Make a Face: ABCya – great for discussing emotions, representing people/characters/self
  • ABCya Games (variety of online games by grade level and subject/topic)

Occupational Therapy Goal Ideas

Fine Motor:

  • Upload/Share or print/send them letter/word tracing worksheets or color pages
  • Crafts
  • Draw each other without looking at your paper while you are drawing (Good for laughs)
  • Start an indoor garden in small boxes or plastic food containers
  • Trying new things to cook/bake or no bake treats
  • Make a mural of a family event with crayons, colored pencils, paints, finger paints
  • Online game: Drawasaurus
  • Make Playdough
  • Make slime
  • Homemade puppets/puppet show (paper lunch sacks or old socks can be decorated to make quick/easy puppets) 

Gross Motor:

  • Watch videos from GoNoodle (free!)
  • Practice kids yoga with Youtube channel Cosmic Kids Yoga 
  • Get outside, Hide and Seek, walk the dog or a neighbor’s dog, go to the park, frisbee, etc.
  • Board games, Twister, or physically interactive games 
  • Movement Mimic: each member takes a turn imitating an animal with movements, other family members mimic the leader
  • Freeze Dance: someone plays music, then stops it, everyone freezes
  • Mad Mound: empty boxes (can be taped with packing tape for reinforcement), cartons, plastic jugs, crumpled paper balls, nerf balls, foam noodles: stack items as desired into a mound; knock it down by throwing balls,  hitting it with a noodle, stomping or kicking, follow up with Scissor Breathing and snipping clouds
  • Scissor Breathing: standing or sitting with arms at your sides, pretend there are clouds above you, while taking a deep breath, raise your arms bringing hands together as scissors to snip a piece of the cloud that is just above your head; exhale as arms come back down to your sides, repeat 3 times.
  • Musical Chairs/Pillows
  • Relaxing Meditations for Kids and Adults
  • The floor is lava: Use furniture or have them lay out books or pillows on the ground for “safe” spaces to stand.
  • Animal Walks: found this great video with examples of animal walks
  • Make a pillow/blanket fort

Family Bonding & Social-Emotional Needs:

  • Read a book while they sit in their parent’s lap or cuddle with a favorite toy.
  • Work on a puzzle together as a family; aim to do a little each day.
  • Go for a family walk every day
  • Create scavenger hunts with different themes (can be used during the family walks!)
  • Acting up: Create a family skit about a funny or positive memory/event; kids create a performance for parents/caregivers.
  • Connecting – Planting Deep Roots: online match up for children’s penpals (US only)

The Germ Called Coronavirus: A Guide for Children

NPR Blog Post: Tips for Homeschool During Coronavirus

Mayo Clinic: Self Care During COVID-19

COVID-19 Resources for Families:

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