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We want you to have all the resources you need to help your child suceed.

At Spark, we strive to find inventive, creative ways to meet the needs of our clients, families, and community. We want our clients to be happy, healthy, and successful. In order to do this, we have found that being armed with the most up to date information is a great first step. Below you can find links to our blog, where our therapists, specialists, staff, and professionals in the field provide tips, tricks, info on what to expect, and more. You can also look over our additional resources section where we have compiled online articles, research, and other resources to suit you and your family’s needs.

Could your child benefit from Early Interventon (EI) Services?
As children age, they begin to show off their ever-growing list of skills as they reach some of life’s most important early milestones: crawling, sitting upright, walking, talking.

Sometimes a child three or younger might be delayed in reaching some of these milestones; this is where Early Intervention (EI) services can help.

Early intervention (EI) services are special sessions designed to help your child “catch up” on skills at school and at home. For a child who is “delayed” in speech, their school work and play with classmates might suffer.

View our brochure on Early Intervention (EI) services to learn more.

Download our Early Intervention Brochure

Spark Parent Resources.

View some of the newest parent resources from our therapists or view all of our posts on the Ignite Blog.

Happy New Year & Welcome Faith!

Happy New Year! Everyone here at Spark hopes you and your family had a wonderful New Year! With a new year comes new resolutions, changes, and growth! To kick off the new year we are excited to introduce our new Occupational Therapist: Faith Drescher! Faith currently has openings on Saturdays…

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Favorite Videos to Dance & Sing to.

Let’s get moving. Our Favorites from Movies.

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The Humble Genogram: A structural map of your family dynamics

A functional family tree. Genograms are an organizational tool for family counseling and therapy practices (DeMaria, Weeks, & Twist, 2017). These genograms are essentially diagrams with which a therapist can notate important connections, details, and cultural implications. By understanding and effectively utilizing a genogram, a therapist is able view a…

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