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Every client is unique and every family has their own journey.

We believe that therapy should not be a one-size fits all solution.

At Spark, we want you to feel at home and for your child to reach and exceed their goals. In order to best do this, we have created a Person Specific Interview. The Person Specific Interview, or PSI, is a series of questions and forms tailored to your concerns and your child’s needs. These questions tell us everything we need to in order to give you and your family the best experience possible as a new client.

We know that you live a busy life, so we have created an online form for you to fill out when it is convenient for you. This form is secure and your answers will remain private. Any information you put in will only be used only for providing high-quality therapy services and matters related to billing.

In order to get started, give us a call or email us at 603-843-8462 or at

Or you can request a Meet & Greet through our online portal:

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What you need on hand when you complete these forms:

  • The health insurance card your child is covered under (policy/member ID #, policyholder name)
  •  Up to date contact information
  • A valid E-mail address
  • The name and phone number for your child’s doctor

We highly recommend putting in a request to your child’s doctor for a referral for Speech or Occupational Therapy at Spark. A referral is needed for those who are utilizing their health insurance benefits prior to any evaluations and before therapy can begin.

What happens next.

Our office will call to schedule the first appointment after you complete the E-Form above and/or have your child’s referral sent to Spark. The first appointment is typically an evaluation or a meet & greet. If you do not hear from our office within 3 business days of completing the form or having the referral sent, please give us a call at (603)843-8462 or email us at

What to bring to the first appointment.

Your child will need a referral from their doctor before an evaluation can take place. Even if your insurance does not require one, we need this in order to understand your child’s medical history. You can have one printed by your child’s doctor’s office and bring it with you in person. You can also ask the doctor’s office to fax it to us directly at (603)843-8607.

At your child’s first appointment, please bring a valid insurance card and a valid ID and credit card. If you plan to pay privately, please bring a valid ID and credit card.

Do you have any other questions?

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about Spark and other helpful tips you might need to know about therapy.

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