Free Screenings

Speech and Literacy Screenings are quick, free, and can give you peace of mind for your child’s development.

What is a Live Screener?

This is a free service offered by Spark Therapies in order to initially check on pre-school and school-aged children’s speech-language and/or literacy development. These screenings are a series of short tests that sample your child’s current speech and language skills or fine and gross motor skills. If your child passes, they are likely progressing as they should for their age and no additional intervention is needed at Spark. If your child does not pass a screening, this indicates that your child could benefit from a full evaluation to determine their specific difficulties and, from there, create a therapy plan.

Our in-person screenings take approximately 20 minutes, though they can be shorter if parents/caregivers are only concerned about a specific area of the child’s language or speech development. We also offer free online screenings for ages 0-6 below.

Why get a screening?

A professional can quickly identify any possible problems which could affect your child’s learning and communication.

Parents and caregivers of children who have a history of ear infections, difficulties in reading, difficulties in communicating/shaping words or sounds, and those who have had similar concerns raised by a teacher can benefit by having this free quick look into these concerns. You do not need insurance or a referral from your child’s doctor for a screening.

Complete the online screener now.

If you are not yet interested in coming into Spark for a free in-person screening with one of our therapists, you can complete a free quick online screener to see how your child is developing.

Free online Screener

Is this the same as an evaluation?

No, they are unique from Evaluations. They are not as long, intensive, and they do not come with full treatment plans from Spark. We often make suggestions following a failed screening such as: following up with your child’s doctor, seeking an otolaryngology (ENT) referral, or scheduling a formal evaluation.

What areas does the screening check?

This screening checks broad, basic areas where we most commonly see speech issues. Our full screening covers: Articulation, Voice, Expression, and Speech and Language production. Our Literacy screening covers phonemic awareness and fluency. This check occurs through conversation and play between your child and the therapist.

Spark Therapies is available during after-schools (4pm-7pm) and weekend hours (10am-4pm) by appointment only. Call us today to set up a free speech-language or literacy screening.

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