SparkLife Activities

Sparklife: Support therapy progress while having fun, making friends, and learning new skills.

Spark Enrichment Activities & Life Skills Beyond Traditional Therapies

Following Spark Therapies’ mission to promote therapy goals through engaging and effective methods, we are excited to introduce the SparkLife program, a series of accessible enrichment activities based on therapy methods and techniques while utilizing growth mindset skills, fostering a love of learning, and, most importantly, fun.

SparkLife Programs have been developed with inclusion at heart with the level and style of each activity adapting to suit the needs of all of our students. Each activity bases its core around therapy goals and building life skills. Read on to see each activity’s main supporting goals and learn more about our SparkLife program.

All activities have a therapist and/or a specialist there to support existing clients’ goals and participants’ needs while nurturing a fun, creative, collaborative, adaptive learning experience.

Don’t receive therapy at Spark? That’s okay! SparkLife programs are for everyone. We strive to create an inclusive and positive community made up of kids who are excited to make new friends, have fun, and learn new skills.


Our current activities:

  •      Sculpture
  •      Clay-Play
  •      Acrylic Painting
  •      Watercolor Painting
  •      Drawing
  •      Photography
  •      Paper Crafts
  •      Mixed Media
Performing Arts:
  •      Improvisation
  •      Acting
  •      Teen Social Skills: Presentation
Mix It Up! Art Lab:

In addition to the dedicated activities and lessons above, we also offer a “Mixed Art” session each week where the type of art and style changes weekly/monthly. Great for those who want to try a little bit of everything or who get bored easily.

We are constantly seeking local community professionals to offer us their time and expertise to provide fun and inventive programs for all ages

View Activity Details below to learn more about each program.

Quick Facts.

We offer activity sets and adaptive activities for all ages with individual options and plans so everyone gets the most out of each program.

Currently our programs are broken down into children aged 5-12 and teens/young adults aged 12-21

  • Current Spark Therapy clients: $20 per session
  • Non-Spark Therapy clients: $30 per session

      These costs include all materials used in the activities (paint, props, paper, film, drawing utensils, clay, etc).

Please note:

Sessions and classes may be canceled if fewer than five participants are registered. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause in your scheduling. In the event of a cancellation, you will be notified at least 4 hours in advance except in the event of an emergency. Sessions are seasonal and a new session will only be started if enough families are on the list for that activity.

To sign up for an activity, email us at or call us at 603-843-8462.

See the calendar below to view the current activity schedule, hosts, and times.


Activity Details.

Fine Arts.

Our art activities are hosted by a local artist and range from drawing to painting to photography. All supplies are provided by Spark. Simply bring yourself and your imagination as we cover the basics of various art forms while focusing on fine motor skills such as building up muscle strength with gripping and pinching, pencil/pen form and holding, and hand-eye coordination. Each session is structured around the target age bracket and created with adaptive needs in mind.

Sculpture and Clay-play.

Sculpture and Clay-play activities are led by a local artist and former art professor focusing on organic shapes and mediums and emphasizing fine motor skills and expressive art. Participants will learn the basics of sculpture, formed art, and create fun and unique projects to be baked and fired at the end of each session to take home or give as gifts.


Photography activities are led by a film graduate student and a local photographer and teach the basics of film and photography. Participants will be given disposable cameras and led through series of fun and creative photography activities that they can take home and enjoy.

Watercolor & Acrylic Painting.

Watercolor and Acrylic painting activities cover various principles of art including composition, color theory, shape, and the use of negative space. Students can learn about different types of paint, brushes and techniques such as splatter, sponging, and more.

Performing Arts.

Improvisation & Acting.

Our Improv activities are hosted by a speech therapist and a film graduate student. This group works toward improving speech skills such as articulation, spontaneous speech, expressive language skills, speech planning, topic management, emotional expression, and conversational flow. The goal of the Improv class is to create fun memories while improving speech and social skills and learning the basics of improvisation and acting.

This can be a great session for those who have social anxiety as it is a no-judgment zone that strives to slowly build up confidence and social experience in a comfortable and fun setting.

Teen Social Skills: Presentation.

Our Teen Social Skills activities are hosted by a member of our speech team and focus on presenting oneself in the community. It covers vocational skills, academic skills, and helps develop critical thinking social skills. The goal of the Teen Social Skills class is to create fun memories while improving speech and social skills.

Does your teen say things that come across as rude or that they may not mean? Could they use some help expressing themselves appropriately? Do they sometimes choose not to speak at all? This group-based activity helps teens find their voice and how to use it appropriately.

To sign up for an activity, email us at or call us at 603-843-8462.

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