Spark Kids Playgroup

What’s New?

Spark Therapies is happy to host a free playgroup for children aged 0-5 and their parents & caregivers.

Join Jess, TJ, and baby Emma in games, songs, art projects, storytime, sensory activities, parenting chit-chat & more!

Please call our office at 603-843-8462 or text Jess at 602-616-8552 to let us know you want to join in on the fun!

When do we get together?

The Spark Kids Playgroup goes from 10:30am-12pm every Thursday.

Winter Weather Policies

We will not host the playgroup during storms and generally go off of the Grantham Village School Cancellation policy. If you have any questions about whether playgroup will be held during a week with poor weather, call our office at 603-843-8462 or text Jess at 602-616-8552.

© Gennadiy Poznyakov / Adobe Stock - Three children painting together

What do we do during playgroup?

During the playgroup kids can:

  • Explore and play in the sensory gym
  • Hang out in the blacklight “quiet cave”
  • Read books together
  • Play with sensory toys and activities
  • Do art projects
  • Have fun!
  • Parents and caregivers are free to socialize together.
  • You must stay at the playgroup the entire time and must keep an eye on their kiddo(s).
Sensory gym at Spark Therapies
The Sensory Gym at Spark

We have some structured activities available during this time such as art projects, holiday-themed activities, obstacle courses, and tons of other ideas. As this playgroup is just getting started, we are open to ideas and want to hear what you and your kiddos want to do!

Small toddler playing in a tunnel tube
Sensory fun with friends

What does this cost?


If the group wants to do a big art project/activity that requires a lot of supplies then we may ask if anyone can help pitch in to keep the fun going.

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